Are you brain-washed?

The constant flow of information from your surrounding is shaping your knowledge about the world. Things you see in news, search on the net or read in the book, is believed to be the truth. You are taught to consider the facts as, ‘the facts’. Ever wondered how some people are playing with your minds and putting in some information that they want to? Most of the people living on the earth are being brain washed. From the early age they are taught in schools, showed television or exposed to the internet. These don’t allow kids to explore the world on their own.


Brainwash is done to benefit the doers. Statements like, ‘According to a new scientific research, new generation space technology has helped humans to find water on Mars’, and ‘80% of our body consists of water, so it is healthy to 2 liters of water every day.’ are just a brainwash. Humans should drink very less water. Drinking water increases ones thirst and yearns to drink more of it. In fact, it makes us dehydrated faster than normal. What is normal? People living in tribes don’t get enough water, so how do they survive? They drink juices, eat fruits full of nutritional water, and depend on very less on pure water. They stay hydrated for a long time using these methods. They can walk miles on a hot sunny day without being dehydrated. In the starting period of the discovery of mineral water, big companies started marketing good things about processed water to sell more of their products.

Brushing our teeth is normal to us. But animals never brush their teeth. So, how do their dental health stays good? There are special types of bacteria found naturally in animals’ mouth including ours, that destroys bad microbes in the mouth. Tribes living in the remote parts of the world, never get any problems related to teeth. When we brush our teeth, we kill all those bacteria and allow the growth of the microbes that can cause harm. The companies who sell toothpaste markets that their product, showing that it is beneficial to us and make huge profits.

Be aware of brainwashers and their techniques. Think in a deep manner before believing anything. Believe what you sense, not what others say.

” What you see is not the truth, but what you don’t; is “

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