“A New Way of Studying”

I always think about the ways to train a human brain. The different ways to learn something. Researchers say different people learn in different styles. These includes Abstract Conceptualization, Concrete Experiences, Active Experiences  and Reflective observation. I don’t agree with it, people can use any style they choose. The effectiveness of the idea learned, will be depended upon the intensity of the style used by the person.

I have a bad feeling every time when I hear the word ‘school’. People sent their children to these places to make them learn. I wonder about having five to six main stream subjects. Everything should be taught or given experience once to the children in the school. For example, if Tiger Woods would have not been experienced the game of golf, he wouldn’t have known the goals he will achieve with that in the future. A place should consist of all the activities and experiences should be given to all the children growing up. Can anyone know what he/she is capable of until had an experience?


Grown up children who have decided their career, can be surrounded by the type of environment they want to work in. Colleges and Universities should be mimicking the environment outside. They should have everything similar to the outside world. For instance, a business student should attend lectures for the basic information about business, start a business, just like in the real world but in the campus, they should be helped by the teachers and other helper in the college. This is the practical model of practical learning.

When the base is clear, the blocks will grow on its own. The country will flow to the top with a positive economy.

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