Pre-Workout Meal Elements and Timing

Exercising without energy can increase the chances to cause serious accidents in the gym. It is a must to have a pre workout meal or to eat enough energy, to burn calories in the gym. Several types of injuries can be caused while exercising without any pre-workout meal or shakes. For instance, unconsciousness, tired, headache and lack of energy. Taking pre-workout meal at a certain time is also necessary. Eating it early, may give less energy and eating it very near to the workout time may cause fullness in the stomach and my result in vomit. Let’s talk about the elements first, the thing a pre-workout should consist.

Calories are consumed by Macro-nutrients. Proteins, Carbs and Fats. If not, check out this Introducing Healthy Eating for more information about basic information about healthy eating.

1. Carbs gives us 4 calories per gram. The time taken to digest these nutrient is based of the complexity of the structure of the carbon atoms in it. The more complex it is, the more time to digest. Carbs are the major source of energy in our diet. Adding these to the pre-workout will be a good idea. Banana, Sweet potato, White rice cakes,etc are types of carbs that are easier to digest and give adequate amount of energy. Moreover, carbs like brown rice, whole wheat, etc. should not be consumed as pre workout as it may take longer to digest.


2. Fats are the sources that releases 9 calories per gram. Though it will be better not to take before any workout. The are too slow to digest. It cause fulness in the stomach.

3. Protein, same as the carbs, they give out 4 calories per gram. It is recommended to eat protein as it will continue the supply of protein in our body during the physical work and also give us those calories. Muscle synthesis keeps in its highest from with proteins. Eating proteins like ‘blend’ and ‘concentrated’ is not suggested because it also may take longer time to digest. Consume proteins in isolate form.

4. Pre-workout supplement is recommended for any type of workout. You should be doing the best at the gym to see excellent results.


The best time to eat a pre-workout should be depended on the type of food. The Fast carbs and protein can be sixty to thirty minutes before any workout. Try to eat simple. Go for meals that you feel the best. Just don’t forget to eat clean. And follow as the article says.

                      ” To Achieve the Best. Do the Best”


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