How I Made my Healthy Diet

Being a student can be challenging. Eat healthy and staying in good shape can be a tough task until we plan. Planning is the key, it can go wrong but we should know to manage things. I usually eat a planned diet. I designed it for myself. Generally I avoid high processed foods and eat as much raw as I can.

Creating a diet on our own is not so simple. First, collect all the information about your resources. Make a list of food that are available in your environment. I usually went to a store nearby and made collected all the food items that were healthy and not so expensive. I put them into separate groups on the basis of their ratios of ‘Protein’, ‘Carbs’ and ‘Fats’. Also checked which food can survive for longer time periods.


Second task was to extract all the information given on its nutrients label, and search on the Google for the items that don’t have it. For instance, vegetables and fruits. Make a spreadsheet with the name of the food, adjoining the amount of Carbs, Protein and Fat present in it. Have all the data in one place.

Calculate amount of calories you need a day. This can be easily found on Google. According to how many calories you lose everyday, you need to plan your diet. Technologies like, wrist bands, smartphones can be used to track calories. If you are gymming or doing heavy work, find ratio what ratios of Ps,Cs and Fs you should eat. For example, I do weight gaining program at the gym, so I follow 20-30 : 30-40 : 40-50 ratio for Proteins : Fats : Carbs. It can also be found on google.

Decide the number of meals you chose to consume, depending on your schedule. Add the ratios of food in your spreadsheet. If you workout, You can add more simple carbs and cut Fats in your pre workout meal as fats are slow to digest and simple carbs are faster to digest and releases more energy. And it will be better to not eat carbs at dinner as they turn into fat.

Cook food as the sheet describes everyday. Add cheat meals on week ends as a reward to follow the plan. It will be ideal to cook every morning. Making a habit will be harder but trust me it will be worth it. You will see the changes slowly. The mind will be thankful, you will mentally feel better and stronger, physically be tough. Digestion will be improved. numerous benefits will be identified.

If our digestion is healthy, we are free of diseases

– ancient text


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