Introducing Healthy Eating

I have gained a very important knowledge about food these years. I am giving a scoop of all the elements. It is crucial to know what we eat, how much to eat and when to eat.

Basically there are two types of nutrients we should consume,’Macro Nutrients’ and ‘Micro Nutrients’. Nutrients to be consumed in bulk are the ‘Macro’ and in less portion, are ‘Micro’. both are necessary for us to consume.

Macro Nutrients’ main purpose is to give us adequate amount of energy. It has three main branches, ‘Fat’, ‘Protiens’ and ‘Carbohydrates’ or ‘Carbs’. Fats and Proteins are the essential and the carbs is non-essential micro nutrients. In past, our ancestors used to eat Fats and Proteins, from the sources like animals, nuts, fruits, etc. The developing humans then grew carbs in their farms. Carbs are the grains of starch. Fat has amazing amount of  energy stored in it. Scientists say one gram of Fat we consume, releases 9 Calories. The Carb and protein has around 4 calories per gram. You can search for different types of food with different levels of Fs,Ps and Cs in it.

Micro Nutrients help us to function properly. There are mainly two of them, Vitamins and Minerals. Vitamins are of different types. These are as follows;














and the major minerals area as shown below:








Micro Nutrients should not be ignored from our diet as it plays a major role in our diet. The most vital mineral is water. Water should be drank in proper amounts. Its can heal many problems.


All the nutrients should be consumed in proper amounts to stay fit. We should eat less of those types of food which are highly processed. Eating processed food makes our energy release for a short period which makes us feel energetic for a while but then constant lack of energy which may turn overall loss in physical and mental health. This was a short introduction about nutrition everyone should know. Learn more about Health from the link below.

Health: The Basics, Sixth Canadian Edition (6th Edition)

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