How I Started Gymming

Creating a new habit is the mist challenging task to do. I knew I had to join the gym when I moved to Canada. I got the knowledge, I got the gym membership, and all the other resources needed. but the most important thing was to go to the gym.

According to my schedule, I planned to go early to the gym. I made my diet, made my plans. But everyday I woke-up, it was too late. I kept on turning off the alarm. Always regret for not going to the gym everyday. I was too lazy. I knew how important it was to exercise. I was getting down day by day, my motivation was get low each day. I wanted to stop trying to do that. I wanted to just relax and chill.

On the other hand, I thought not going to the gym will be one of the biggest mistake. See all the people on instagram in the fitness. I just wanted to have that kind of physique. I would think about the future. Saw myself in the position, sleeping on the bed and regretting. I got so frustrated about not waking up early.


I decided to make a move. I started with a small step. what I did was, went to the kitchen and cooked a food from my diet. I got the feeling of making a change to achieve something. The next day I went bought all the groceries needed I the diet and started cooking and setting up everything, that I would do if I went to the gym. I did this for a week.

Now I felt something happening to my mind, I felt happy about what I was doing, now that my diet was fixed, I was supposed to go to the gym, to see the actual difference in my body. But that still didn’t make anything. I looked for some motivation. People around my were same as me, they all were lazy. So, my next step was to live in a community and be surrounded with the people who actually are on the position where I am willing to be at. Facebook, a great source of networking helped me find the people I was looking for, who motivated me.

As my diet was fit, I finally decided to go for gym the next day. I woke-up without an alarm at the exact time I decided to. With all the motivation and support from the community, I was happy with my small step, with which I am sure I will see a big difference in the future. I work out as per my plan and see my transformation steadily.

“Small steps in right path can lead to the destination for sure, just you need to trust yourself.”

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