How did we start our lives. Is a Question from centuries. We add pieces of clues in the puzzle to answer this question, but every time we get a clue, we are subjected to move one step behind.

Many have got many theories, but which is the true?

Mine is also a bit different,


According to me, we all dream ‘a life’, a life span till that age, at which we are on the bed. For instance, you are 23 and if you sleep today, you will be in another life and die at 23, waking up in the 23 of the real life (not sure if its a dream or real life). We will meet different people in our dreams at their different levels (age). And the things you remember in your dream were the important events of your dreamt life.

This arise a new question when will a person be born or die. The answer is never.There are infinite layers for the dreamers worlds, where all types of levels have every year of the earth.

Earth used to have high death rates before and low in todays world, and will have very less in the future. Imagine the people having dreams in the past, will see the dreams quiet often.

The person gets a different level after finishing the entire dream, ‘the heaven level’. When he wakes up in heaven he finds people sleeping at different ages. He can stay in the heaven forever OR if chooses to sleep, he enters a new life of a baby.


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