Learned in physics classes about the science we see. Don’t remember much, but the theory stuck in was about the images we see are just the reflection of light on the objects, don’t want to go too scientific but that idea got me into a new way of looking in then world.

The image we see are actually upward-down in our cornea that made me strike a new theory. What we see is real? What is real? What is consciousness?

The world we see is round, has its position in solar system, has a moon, we see stars.

are they actually in the outside of the earth OR

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.50.05 PM

My perspective in this theory is the earth is a sphere or any shape which is closed. And the place we live in is inside of the sphere rather than outside if it. Everything is closed in that sphere. The real thing is outside the sphere that means inside the earth we have travelled more inside of the earth than the outside. My concept is very similar to the hollow earth theory. The gravity exists outside of the sphere with infinity of space. There may be another hollow space outside of the surface .

Can we go to the other Side of the Earth through the infinity at the middle?Hollow Earth

I can propose a new law of nature, exactly opposite to the gravity, which is acting from the atmosphere layer of the earth. It attracts to the objects with more mass. What do you think about it? comments?


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