Are you brain-washed?

The constant flow of information from your surrounding is shaping your knowledge about the world. Things you see in news, search on the net or read in the book, is believed to be the truth. You are taught to consider the facts as, ‘the facts’. Ever wondered how some people are playing with your minds […]

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“A New Way of Studying”

I always think about the ways to train a human brain. The different ways to learn something. Researchers say different people learn in different styles. These includes Abstract Conceptualization, Concrete Experiences, Active Experiences  and Reflective observation. I don’t agree with it, people can use any style they choose. The effectiveness of the idea learned, will […]

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Pre-Workout’s Energy Illusion

To understand why a pre-workout is a delusion, you need to know how our digestive system works. Our digestive system takes one to two days to digest the food, from input to output. The food we eat goes into our our mouth to the stomach, here it takes about 2 to 3 hours to process […]

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Pre-Workout Meal Elements and Timing

Exercising without energy can increase the chances to cause serious accidents in the gym. It is a must to have a pre workout meal or to eat enough energy, to burn calories in the gym. Several types of injuries can be caused while exercising without any pre-workout meal or shakes. For instance, unconsciousness, tired, headache […]

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How I Made my Healthy Diet

Being a student can be challenging. Eat healthy and staying in good shape can be a tough task until we plan. Planning is the key, it can go wrong but we should know to manage things. I usually eat a planned diet. I designed it for myself. Generally I avoid high processed foods and eat […]

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Introducing Healthy Eating

I have gained a very important knowledge about food these years. I am giving a scoop of all the elements. It is crucial to know what we eat, how much to eat and when to eat. Basically there are two types of nutrients we should consume,’Macro Nutrients’ and ‘Micro Nutrients’. Nutrients to be consumed in […]

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